Network as a Service

Your network is your business. And FAR’s business is your network. With over 50 combined years of experience deploying enterprise level networks, we take the network out of your hands and make it a fixed cost, operating expense with no frills, and no fuss. Stop wasting your hard earned capital budget on PC’s, laptops, servers and infrastructure. Invest in what makes your business flow. Leave the network to us.

Managed IT Services

Why bother? Leave it to the experts to manage, monitor and maintain your infrastructure, whether it is on premise or with us in our Network as a Service offering. You have better things to be doing with the one commodity you can never get back and never create more of: TIME.

Enterprise Security

Firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, intrusion detection systems and the list goes on. What do you need to know about these things, other than the fact you need them? Nothing. You need security, accountability and responsiveness to threats to your business. That’s what FAR delivers. Our team of certified experts will ensure that your network is and stays secure. Period.

Business Continuity

Backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, fault tolerance and redundancies. More fancy words that translate to one sentence – continuous business operations, no matter what. FAR delivers – with solutions that are simple and most importantly – don’t involve you. LEAN BACK, run your business.